Pornhub Details Uncover Apple Fans Went Crazy For The iPhone X

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Pornhub Details Apple iPhone X

Apple fans beyond any doubt love a good bit of equipment – or so does Pornhub activity details recommend. To such an extent, it turns out a noteworthy piece of individuals were more eager to tune it to yesterday’s iPhone reveal event than to browse smut flicks.

The porn heavyweight reports it saw a huge drop in traffic during the yearly Apple keynote, which presented the long-desired iPhone X.

While the decline was most noticeable in the US, the same tendency unfolded worldwide. According to stats TNW obtained from Pornhub, the site saw a seven-percent decrease in traffic on American soil at 1PM ET (right around the time the event kicked off) and a four-percent dip worldwide compared to an average day.

As the X-appraised video sharing administration noticed, the Big A generally confines the show’s live stream solely for clients of Safari, Apple TV and Microsoft’s Edge, which made it conceivable to gauge the occasion’s effect on movement.

Pornhub analysts detected that activity from macOS and iOS gadgets amid the show dropped by eight and 12 percent, separately. Soon after the occasion completed, activity quickly surged up to four percent better than expected for this time.

Pornhub Insights Apple Iphone Event OS Traffic

As you can expect, the trend repeated itself when it came to browser usage.

Around the same time the keynote started, the X-rated video sharing service saw a four-percent and an eight-percent dip in traffic in Edge and Safari users, respectively. That number quickly went back up to three-percent above the average for this time of the day once the live stream ended.

iPhone has caused a drop in traffic to Pornhub

This isn’t the first time the iPhone has caused a drop in traffic to Pornhub. In fact, the company reported similar results during last year’s event too.

But it appears the iPhone X got the XXX community slightly more curious than its predecessors. We’ll chalk that up to its sexier design.