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Ozuna is a Latin trap and Puerto Rican reggaeton singer. His real name is Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado. So, he is simply known by his surname Ozuna. All of his studio albums have attained the lep of being top of the Billboard Top Latin Albums.

His one album named Aura managed to reach the 7th number on the Billboard 200. When it comes to music style, he primarily belongs to reggaeton and trap. However, he has also collaborated with various artists related to various variety of genres that include EDM, reggae, and bachata.

Ozuna was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When he was 12 years old, he decided to be a singer in the future. He made his debut in 2012 with the song “Imaginando.” His performance attracted the attention of many recording labels.

It led to collaborations with Anuel AA and Daddy Yankee. Moreover, Ozuna released a number of singles before signing with Sony Music Latin in 2017. Sony Music Latin also funded the recording of his first album named “Odisea.”

Early Life

Juan Carlos Ozuna was born in Puerto Rico on 13-03-1992. His father was from the Dominican Republic, while his mother is from Puerto Rican. His father was a dancer for one of the reggae tone musicians. And what his father could earn as a salary could hardly support his family.

Hence, Ozuna lived hand to mouth in his childhood. But Ozuna loves his childhood life despite living in poverty at that time. The misfortune did not stop and went on when his father was shot by a gang when Ozuna was only three years old.

Since his mother was unemployed, she could not bring him up on her own. Consequently, Ozuna had to go to his paternal grandparents. There, Ozuna got interested in reggae tone music as people he grew up with were heavily influenced by reggae tone music.

He started making music when he was only twelve. Later on, Ozuna moved to the USA, where he first lived in New York City. Ozuna wrote many songs there, but he did not start posting music on the internet until he got back to Puerto Rico.



Ozuna started writing songs at the tender age of 12. Ozuna made his debut in 2012 as a singer with the song title ‘Imaginado.’ He was initially gone by the name J OZ. He also worked with Musicology & Menes.

Ozuna signed a recording deal with Golden Family Records in 2014. Afterward, Ozuna started posting his songs on his YouTube channel. One of his top songs, ‘Si No Te Quiere,’ hit the radio and grabbed a huge success around Latin America.

Then, he performed nicely in various shows across South America. By the year 2016, Ozuna managed to get prominent with his appearance in ‘La Occasion.’ It was a collaboration with Mambo Kingz, DJ Luian, De La Ghetto, and Anuel AA.

In 2016, one of his single ‘Te Vas’ was released on YouTube that received more than 700 million views by the year 2019. Besides, Ozuna has many other songs too that added to his prominence all over the world.

A collaboration between Ozuna, Vaina Loca, and Manuel Turizo, has received above 980 million views, whereas Tu Foto managed to receive above 850 million views. Ozuna’s has many other chart-topping singles.

Ozuna released one of his songs, ‘Dile Que Tu Me Quieres,’ in September 2016. This song peaked on the Billboard Latin chart at 13 and became the most famous song of the time. Ozuna, then, made his first album with the title of Odisea.

After having a deal with VP Entertainment and Sony Music Latin, Ozuna had a chance to be a part of the Odisea tour all across the United States. Ozuna had traveled through many cities in Europe and Latin America that continued to other world tours.

Ozuna managed to release his second album with the title ‘Aura’ in 2018. The same year, Ozuna made his debut in acting in the movie ‘Que Leon” and also received the most views on YouTube artists. The movie was also released in the USA.

The 2019 year proved to be the most fantastic year in Ozuna’s career. Although Ozuna had to face many controversies in this era, it did not affect his music skills and career. His focus on his work helped him get rid of these.


On January 23, 2019, Ozuna himself confirmed making a statement that he was the victim of an extortion scam that involved an explicit video of him when he was a minor. In the same statement, he said that his management office filed a complaint.

The complaint included all the legal measures, including publishing and sending minors’ videos is a federal and state offense. Ozuna also issued an apology to his family and fans. He said in his apology that whatever happened was part of his past and obviously a mistake as other young people do.

He further added that he made a mistake that was fueled by ignorance. He did not say sorry for what happened, but more importantly, he condemned it. He asked his family and fans for forgiveness.

Then he started his career with motivation. This controversy affected his personal life at the start, but he fought for the good days back. His family and fans supported him after his explicit apology, and the good things started happening again and again.

Achievements & Awards

Ozuna has managed to get lots of awards throughout his career. These include 12 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 8 Lo Nuestro Awards, 6 Latin American Music Awards, and 5 Billboard Music Awards. Moreover, Ozuna was also nominated for the Latin Grammy Award.

Ozuna Wife and Children

Реrѕоnаl Lіfе

Ozuna is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and hails from both Dominicanas as well as Puerto Rican descent. He can speak Spanish and English much fluently. Currently, Ozuna is married to Taina Marie Melendez Saez. The couple has two children, a son ‘Jacob’ and a daughter ‘Sophia.’

Ozuna visits sick children in hospitals regularly. And he also supports various hospitals with financial donations. He believes in humanity. Ozuna has an elegant and sweet voice that he deploys like a rapper as well as a balladeer sometimes.

Ozuna Net Worth

As of 2021, Ozuna has earned a net worth of $15 million.

A major portion of earning comes from his popular singles and album as a successful reggaeton and Latin singer. He initially found huge success and money from his YouTube channel.

Ozuna has sold millions of copies of his singles and albums worldwide and has performed in various shows and concerts. It also has helped him to add more value to his net worth.

Ozuna is one of the most popular Latin trap and Puerto Rican reggaeton singers. He is also known as the New King of reggaeton because of his unique singing skills. Ozuna is also among the most viewed artists on YouTube. Some of his music videos are with a billion views as the lead artist, featured artist, and collaborator.

Final Words

Ozuna is a talented Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap singer who got massive publicity in a short period and got high net worth.