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Mia Khalifa, is known as Mia Callista, was born on 10 February 1993, and 31 years old, Mia Khalifa was born in Lebanon and migrated to the US in 2001 when Mia was seven years old. Mia joined the adult film industry and PornHub’s industry and became famous for her award-winning work in these industries. After that, Mia reached the highest-ranked adult-entertainer category. About 2024, Mia Khalifa net worth is $8 million dollor.

Mia Khalifa did her education at the University of Texas at El Paso; and has dual nationality United States, and Lebanon. Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American social media personality, sports commentators, and webcam model, Mia Khalifa started her career as a pornstar actress from 2014 to 2015; Mia nicknames are Sarah Chalone, Mia Calista, Sarah O’Brien.

Mia Khalifa Selfie

Early Life

Mia Khalifa might be widely known around the internet for her three months stint in the adult film industry; after four years, Mia became the number one porn actress on Pornhub. Between fielding death threats for her porn industry work, a penalty from family and home country of Lebanon, and having to prove herself as a die-hard sports military. Khalifa not only cuddles her online persona, but is completely renovating herself as a sports commentator, chef, and even has a guidebook in work for help.

The fame of the porn industry taking her to Washington, D.C., teams there are the most exciting facts about Mia Khalifa. Despite Khalifa’s disrepute performing in the porn industry while wearing a hijab, a head covering worn by Muslim women, and in other ways, Khalifa belongs to the Catholic family. However, Mia Khalifa does not know what the hijab is according to the 2015 piece with the BCC, Khalifa, who migrated to the United States of America when Mia was 10th years old. Mia Khalifa told the Washington Post in 2015 she was shocked about the negative counterblast relating to those scenes.

Mia Khalifa Early Life

The scene consisting of a hijab is mocking; there are a lot of Hollywood movie scenes containing a hijab that portrays Muslims in a much inferior manner than any stage. Bang Bros could produce Mia Khalifa said at the time, Khalifa said that she did not join the porn industry for money or fame. Mia entered the industry just for self-admiration. Speaking to cyclist Lance Armstrong on his webcast forward in February, Khalifa said that she didn’t join the University of Texas, El Paso as a just student of school or college. Mia wanted to focus on graduating early; Mia lost the weight 50 pounds through exercise.

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At the age of 21, her breast increased, and immediately afterward, Mia said self-admiration was still low. In that Mia started the profession as pornography at a strip mall in Miami, Mia reflects that after two weeks, but Mia made a blunder by saying yes to the industry and going in, Mia told Armstrong.


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Khalifa justified getting into the adult industry because Mia thought that no one would see her videos, Khalifa said after her first film she felt a merger of guiltiness, shame, and short affirmation.

Mia Khalifa told Armstrong the experience was worrying, Mia, calling herself dumb or speechless. When Mia made the decision and saying now finds herself feeling uncomfortable when Mia was showing too much cleavage in public, Khalifa told Armstrong that she doesn’t feel guilty at all for dragging athletes online because they are so entitled. Mia Khalifa said that she had never dated someone who does something normal, like computer coding.

Why Mia Khalifa Left The Industry?

After four years, Mia left the adult film industry, and after three months of her popularity, Mia Khalifa left the industry because of her popularity and death threats from ISIS. It didn’t validate, Mia nothing like that ever does, that’s not what you should be doing to try to build yourself. Mia couldn’t get original copies of her videos; Mia has a legal team that cleans up fake accounts that repost her videos.

After leaving the adult industry, Khalifa stayed off social media, speaking to Armstrong, Khalifa said she worked as a clerk for a construction firm and as a paralegal in Miami. Still, she was too identifiable for the pornhub industry.

Why Mia Khalifa Left The Industry?

After six months, Mia tried to stop downplay her internet fame and decided to move to Austin, where she’s since renovated herself and tried to chase the career. After leaving the industry, she started co-hosting basketball star. Gilbert Arenas staged her sliding into his DMs as a publicity stunt for the show on complex Tv’s Youtube channels, as if she was caught at her own game for dragging athletes who messaged her. Mia Khalifa noticed that her comments were completely out of bounds; after two months, Mia left the hosting.


Mia Khalifa Net Worth

As of 2024, Mia Khalifa net worth has approximately $8 Million dollars. She worked in 21 adult films, but today she is known more like a social media personality and has over 6.2 million Twitter followers and 26.9 million followers on Instagram.


How many times did Mia Khalifa marry?

Mia Khalifa, known for her past career in the adult industry, faced backlash online after sharing her thoughts on marriage. Despite being married twice and engaged three times, many questioned her suitability to offer advice on the subject.

What is Mia Khalifa’s real name?

Mia Khalifa, whose real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun, was born on February 10, 1993. She is a Lebanese-American YouTuber, internet celebrity, and former pornographic actress.

Why did Mia Khalifa quit Instagram?

She faced bullying and harassment when she joined the platform. In an interview with Mashable, Mia explained that she disliked Instagram due to the negative treatment she received. As a result, she disabled the comment function on her account