Marshmello Net Worth 2020 – $40 Million

Marshmello Net Worth 2020 – $40 Million

Music is evolving day by day. Almost every day, a new artist or a new music genre blows up and takes the world by storm. For the past ten years, Pop music, EDM, and techno have been the most popular genres.

Marshmello, whose real name is Christopher Comstock, is an American Dj and EDM producer. He was born in Pennsylvania, USA, on May 19th, 1992. We all know Marshmello and his iconic white marshmello head.

In this article, we will discuss Marshmello’s early life, career, and Net worth,

Early Life

Marshmello’s true identity had always been a mystery, and no one knew his name until recently. There is not much known about Marshmello’s early life right now.

Marshmello real name is Christopher Comstock


Marshmello started off on Soundcloud, where he posted many singles and started getting recognition from other artists. Marshmello officially released his first album Joytime in 2015.

The album received a lot of appreciation and love and reached number 5 on the EDM albums billboard. Marshmello also owns a personal label Joytime Collective.

After his first album’s massive success, Marshmello started dropping huge hits and announced a music tour. In his trip, he explored countries like India, China, the United States, and Korea. He featured along with many different artists like Selena Gomez, Migos, and Slushii.

Marshmello collected a Net Worth of $21 Million after the tour and became a huge internet sensation.

Marshmello Career

Marshmello has also appeared in many reality shows like American Ninja Warrior and Cooking with Marshmello. He recently held the world’s first virtual concert in Fortnite, which is one of the most famous games in the world.

The concert broke many records, and it was a huge success, Marshmello also has his own skin in the game.

Marshmello on Social Media:


Marshmello Net Worth

Marshmello has produced many record-breaking singles and features from which he acquired colossal success and a massive fan following in less than no time at all. He has won many awards like the MTV Music Award For The Best EDM Artist of 2018.

Marshmello’s estimated net worth as of 2020 is almost $40 million.

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