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Jenna Jameson is the world’s most famous adult entertainer and American model. She is a businesswoman.As of 2024, Jenna Jameson net worth of $40 million She is renowned as “The Queen of porn” and a “Heartbreaker.”

Jenna Jameson is also an entrepreneur. In 2000, she founded “club Jenna,” an adult entertainment company. This site provided videos, pictures, and as well as relationship advice.

Jenna Jameson is a writer too. She wrote her autobiography, “How to make love like a porn star: A cautionary tale.”

In AVN awards 2008, She stated that she is leaving the pornographic film industry and will not return.

Jenna Jameson’s Early life

Jenna Jameson was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 9 April 1974. Her father, Laurence Henry Massoli, was a police officer, and her mother, Judith Brooke Hunt, was a Las Vegas showgirl who danced in a club. When she was two, her mother died due to cancer.

As a child, she participated in many beauty contests. She got training in dance for fifteen years.

In her school life, she was raped twice, firstly by a group of four boys and secondly by her boyfriend jack’s husband. She didn’t tell this incident to her father and left home with her boyfriend jack. Jack was a tattoo artist and gave Jenna a series of tattoos.

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Jenna Jameson's early life

Career and Sources of Income

Jenna Jameson started her career in 1991 as a dancer in a Strip club. She earned 2000USD per night. In 1993, her first softcore erotic movie was recorded “Up and cummers 11, and then signed a contract for “wicked pictures.” She began to earn 6000USD per film.

She won the F.O.X.E vixen video award and ranked most wanted pornstar. Her rate increased to 60000USD per movie. She continued work at a Strip club at the pace of 8000USD per night.

She entered into a mainstream career with the movie “Private Parts.”

She founded the club Jenna corporation website. Initially, the site provided only pictures and relationship advice: later videos and other stuff were posted on the site.

Jenna Jameson appeared in an Eminem music video “without me” in 2001. She also performed in G.T.A. vice city as a voiceover artist for the “CandySuxxx” character.

In 2002, her corporation released a movie named “Briana loves Jenna.” Then playboy enterprise bought her multimedia porn entertainment corporation.

In 2008, she announced her retirement from the adult entertainer industry and started working as a content writer. 1n 2013, she wrote the first book of the fate series “Sugar” and, in 2014, released the other two parts of the fate series.

Playboy Tv signed her for the Tv show “Jenna’s American sex star.” She also hosted “Extreme Championship,” “World Wrestling Championship,” and “‘E!’ travel show ‘Wild On!”. Her sex simulation game got viral. Then she launched her perfume “Heartbreakers” which is still the most wanted perfume.

Jenna Jameson’s Wealth Jenna Jameson’s net worth is $40 million. She earned $6.5 million per year during her successful career. She charged $1.5 million per film.

She owns a Hollywood hill mansion in California that has $2.7 million in cost. Another bungalow is in Huntington beach with a house of price $3.5 million.

She has a vast collection of cars. Porsche Cayenne, Rolls Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Murcielago, and Dodge Viper are part of her collection.

Jenna Jameson Career and Sources of Income

Awards and Achievements

She has won almost 35 awards in the adult entertainer industry. In 1996, She Won the top newcomer award. She has also been introduced to AVN awards.

She was selected as a nominee in many categories and has won many AVN awards. She has won three awards for her adult movies in the film industry, “the X.R.C.O. Best new starlet award”, “The AVN best new Starlet award,” and “The fans of X -rated video vixen award.”

She also got awarded for G.T.A vice city in 2003, the “G-Phoria Best Live Action/Voice Performance Award – Female.”

Her autobiography also won X.R.C.O. Award in 2004.

Jenna Jameson Awards and Achievements

Jenna Jameson Net Worth

Jenna Jameson is the most popular actress and model. She was the most wanted pornstar of her time. As of 2024, She has a total worth of $40 million and property like a mansion and bungalows, and cars. Jenna Jameson’s worth is due to her fame, written books, popular videos, and perfume which is still trending.


Did Jenna Jameson get married?

Jenna Jameson recently got married. The former adult film star exchanged vows with Jessi Lawless in Las Vegas on May 23, 2023, following a five-month courtship. In June 2023, Jameson expressed her happiness, stating, “I have found the person I was meant to be with,” when talking about her entrepreneur wife to PEOPLE magazine.

How many kids does Jenna Jameson have?

Jenna Jameson has a total of three children. She shares 14-year-old twin boys named Jesse and Journey with Ortiz, and has a 6-year-old daughter named Batel with Bitton. It appears that Jameson and her wife have found that having three kids is the perfect fit for them