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Jason Statham is among the most successful and popular English actors. He started his career as a model, but now he is well-known for his thrilling roles and action films.

Jason is a stunt performer too. He has a huge fan following around the globe. The net worth of Jason Statham is $210 million, and all of his worth comes from his action movies. The net worth of Jason Statham is expected to increase tremendously within the coming years.

You may know a lot about your favorite actor. But if you are interested in learning the height, weight, age, sources of income, and personal and professional life of Jason Statham, stay here to complete your reading.


  • Celebrated Name: Jason Statham
  • Real Name: Jason Statham
  • Age: 55 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Date Of Birth: 26 July 1967
  • Place Of Birth: Shirebrook, United Kingdom
  • Nationality: British
  • Weight: 78 Kg
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Spouse: No
  • Children: Jack Oscar Statham, Isabella James Statham
  • Partner: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
  • Net Worth: $210 million
  • Profession: Actor, film producer

Early Life

Jason Statham was born on 26 July 1967 in Derbyshire, England. Currently, he is living in California.

The mother of Jason, Eileen, was a dancer by profession. While the father of Jason, Barry was a street seller. His father had worked as a singer, house painter, and as well as a coal miner.

Jason does not have any siblings, and he is the only child of his parents. Jason used to live with Vinnie Jones in his childhood, who was a footballer. Both of them have worked together in a film.

He attended grammar school. Jason Statham used to play football during the early days of his life. Furthermore, he is also a diver and in 1992 represented his country at the World Championships.

Besides it, Jason Statham also presented his nation in the Commonwealth Games in 1990. besides, Jason Statham has also participated in different other games. Jason Statham likes windsurfing, wakeboarding, rock climbing, and jet skiing.

Jason Statham

Personal Life

Jason Statham has been engaged with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley since 2016. The couple has one son named Jack Oscar Statham and one daughter Isabella James Statham. Oscar Statham was born in 2017. Jason Statham has also dated Sophie Monk, Kelly Brook, and Alex Zisman in the past.

Age Height And Body Weight

Jason Statham is 55 years old. The actor is 1.78 meters tall and has a bodyweight of 78 kg. He is very conscious about his fitness and health.

Professional Life

Well, Jason Statham felt proud for being a part of the national squad. Statham has also performed as the background dancer in multiple music videos. After appearing in different music videos of “Comin On” and “Run to the Sun.”

In 1990, Jason Statham performed in a small movie ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.’ Well, Jason completed a small role in this film. He continued his efforts and portrayed Snatch, Ghosts of Mars, and Turn It Up in different other movies.

Jason Statham also performed in MVA Agent Evan Funsch in The One in 2001. later on, he also served in the movie The Transporter. In 2003 he performed in “The Italian Job.”

His performance was incredible in the film “Collateral.” He also performed in Cellular, Chaos, Revolver, London, and Transporter in 2004 and 2005.

Furthermore, Jason Statham was the narrator of the documentary Truth in 24. Besides it, he has also voiced in a film called Gnomeo & Juliet. Jason has also appeared in Killer Elite, The Expendables, Parker, Hummingbird, The Expendables 2, Wildcard, Furious 7, Mechanic: Ressurection, Spy, and The Fate the Furious.

Upcoming Movies By Jason Statham

  1. Fast X
  2. Meg 2: The Trench
  3. The Expendables 4

Awards And Achievements

  • Jason Statham is the winner of the 2006 Women Film Critics Awards for his remarkable performance as Crank.
  • In 2015, Jason Statham was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards for Furious Seven’s incredible performance.
  • Next year, he got nominated for the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor in Comedy.
  • Besides, in 2017, the actor was also nominated for the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

Jason Statham Net Worth

Jason Statham Net Worth

As of 2023, The net worth of Jason Statham has been estimated to be $210 million. Well, the actor has earned this enormous net worth from his acting career. Well, for this great making, the credit goes to his hard work.

Jason Statham is one of the most successful and popular actors. In his early childhood, Jason was very passionate about sports. But later on, he worked as a model. After a short time, Jason Statham started his acting career and appeared in countless movies to date.

He is very active and energetic. Jason Statham has worked in several films and still has been enjoying his successful career.

  • Car’s Collection

The actor has a huge collection of luxurious and expensive cars. Jason has an Aston Martin DBS net worth of $35,05,000, an Audi S8 net worth of $1,17,000, a Ferrari F 12 Berlinetta net worth of $3,27,000, and many others. All of these cars add a lot to the total net worth of Jason Statham.

  • Real Estate

Currently, the actor has sold the 3355 square feet Malibu mansion. Jason Statham had bought this mansion for $10.625 and sold it for $18.5 million. Due to all of this real estate Jason Statham has earned remarkable net worth.

  • Social Media

Everything that Jason has today is just because of his hard work and determination. He has struggled a lot to get the required physique so that he can act like a model. After getting success as a model, he started his career as a film actor. Ha has gained massive popularity for his stunts and action films.

The actor has a huge fan following on different platforms of social media. For instance, Jason Statham has more than 75 million likes on Facebook and more than 32 million followers on Instagram with just 254 posts.

Facts About Jason Statham

The following are the most interesting facts about Jason Statham:

  • Though Jason Statham performed all of his driving stunts by himself, it would be surprising for you that Jason has failed his dancing test three times. But in actuality, all of those stunts are performed by professionals.
  • He is a very fun-loving person.
  • Jason Statham loves to do pranks with other people.
  • Jason is a national athlete.
  • Ha has performed with a band along with his brother and father.
  • Jason Statham had also registered himself for the Army before getting into the modeling and acting career.
  • Jason is among the top divers in this world.


Jason Statham is well known for his thrilling action films. Jason started his career as a model but, through his hard work, earned massive popularity within a short time.

The net worth of Jason Statham is $210 million. He has earned this huge amount through his successful career. Her net worth of Jason is going to increase multiple times within the coming years.