Gianna Michaels Net Worth 2021 – Biography, Wiki, Career & Facts

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Gianna Michaels is a very famous American porn star. Gianna started her career at the age of 18 and became famous in a short time. Gianna. Gianna makes a lot of money by nude photoshoots, modeling, and phonographic movies. Gianna starts phonography through his modeling career and works in many porn movies or videos like a porn star. The Adult Video network gives the award to Gianna for working in the adult video industry.

She is still alive and seven years old. Gianna worked in 430 above porn movies and also worked on his website. Gianna has a perfect body shape; that’s why they want to work in the film industry. Gianna Michaels is the most famous and richest adult actress in the film industry. If you want to know about the career, Early life, personal life, and net worth of Gianna Michaels, then read the article till the end.

Gianna Michaels Early Life

Early Life

Giana Michaels was born in Seattle on the 6th of June,1983, and she has American nationality. Gianna has two sisters and lives separately from the family. In 2001 she was 18 years old and moved towards California. In California, Gianna started a job as a receptionist, but she was not satisfied with her job, and she left the job. Gianna tried to work as a model, and fortunately, she became a very famous model. Gianna doesn’t post anything enough about her early life. She wants to make them private.

Gianna Michaels Career


Gianna started her career in 2001 from modeling or nude photoshoots, and then she moved to the porn industry. In 2004 she joined the porn industry and worked for the company Ox Ideas (Bangbus or Bang Bros). At the age of twenty-one, she became very popular in the porn industry. She makes more than 90 porn DVDs and earns a lot of money. In 2006 she appeared on the front page of every porn website. Gianna won the award from AVN to perform the best sex scene in the foreign shoot production. In 2010 she announced her retirement and asked that she want a break from her career. She also worked on her website and sold porn videos. In 2018 she appeared in one horror movie and played a romantic scene.

Personal Life

Gianna is dating different men in her life and makes porn videos with both boys or girls. Gianna has five tattoos on her back and still not married. Giana loves her work and gives a good response to her fans. She is currently not working in the film industry.

Gianna Michaels Personal Life

Gianna Michaels Net Worth

As of 2021, Gianna’s current Net worth is $4 Million dollars, and her source of income was modeling, pornography, acting, and her website. She makes a lot of money, and in Seattle, she is a very famous porn actress.