Top 15 Free Movie Download Websites For 2020

Top 15 Free Movie Download Websites For 2019

Who doesn’t love free movies? Because the free movie is like the best thing ever happened on any holiday. We just need a laptop and some soothing, comforting food and Walla! We are all set for a movie night.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of many websites which offers free streaming which is also legal. Because most of the downloading are done through torrent and it can use any illegal link and sometimes it can become a problem.

So today I have come up with a list after detailed research which allows anyone to have free access to movies websites that also have TV shows as well and sports steaming too but get this the main point is that all these websites are legal.

Yes, so now you and sit back and relax while going through a list to choose which website suits you more.

YouTube Movies:

YouTube Movies

Availability: USA

Earlier the website has some policies and rules which did not allow such free streaming, but with the improved rules and policies, now you can enjoy almost 100 free full HD print movies like IP man, Legally Blonde, Zookeeper, and many others.

The plan for adding more movies and TV shows is on the table so we can hope that there are going to be plenty more till 2020. Since it is for the USA, so it won’t work anywhere else, or you would have to the VPN services to enjoy this service.

The Internet Achieve:

The Internet Achieve

Availability: Everywhere

It is a free downloading website which offers you much vast span of movies collection along with books and music as well. Although the catalogue of the movie collection is increasing every day, the downloading is done with any hiccups and money.

Many of you must have heard about this website as it used to offer the downloading before as well but then, the site uses to forward us to another link to download which are never working because the size was too heavy.

But now you can enjoy some of the recent new movies like Jungle Book, Iron mask, Night of the living dead and other while sitting comfortably at home. Another great deal is that it is available everywhere.



Availability: India (free), USA (Paid)

This is an exclusively for India free streaming website for downloading which is also legal. This website also offers many latest movies and other contents like music, TV shows, and sports.

The great thing is that it does not demand any money while other Indian audiences focused on websites like Netflix has premium services to enjoy movies.



Availability: Everywhere

Once you have visited this simple yet very easy to use the website then you will find it hard not to go back. The interface is so simple and clear while the menu displays all genres in a very clear manner.

If you are interested in classic movies and TV shows, then it is the one for you. You can also click the notification or subscribe to the newsletter and get notified whenever anything new is posted on this website. Plus thing; it is available for everyone and everywhere.

The Roku Channel:

The Roku Channel

Availability: USA

A must recently launch a free streaming channel; it is to be used with the hardware of Roku.

The data have about movies, and TV shows are extra ordinary, and with every passing day, new posts are being made so this is a plus. All you have to do is to sign up and get notified through the subscribed newsletter about the new updating.

To add more, this website work for the USA only so you have to use VPN services in order to enjoy free access to great movies like Matrix Trilogy, last knights and others.



Availability: USA

Another great online website which allows free streaming while all the watching, downloading and surfing is 100% legal is called Crackle which is only available in the USA.

You need to do is to sign up and enjoy the free access. Interestingly, this website is a free channel sponsored by Sony. So you can imagine the print and HD qualities.

The free streaming has a display of ads and commercial during the movie play. Crackle also has android and IOS app which makes the streaming even more fun.

Pluto TV:

Pluto TV

Availability: Worldwide (More content in the US)

This has an interesting display which is very much like a traditional TV. There is a vast array of options and genres from which you can select various TV shoes, movies, music, sports and much more. Again, this is only available only in the USA,so VPN is in order.

Open Culture:

Open Culture

Availability: Everywhere

Interestingly, the high quality of the videos is amazingly from all over the world, and this website is available everywhere.

It offers much more than just movies and music but also online language course, textbooks, audio books and many more.

The movie section has almost 1150 movies so you can imagine the vast genres and special movies have separate mentions as well. To our relief, it is available everywhere.

Movies Found Online:

Movies Found Online

Availability: Everywhere

This website has a lot of public domain and caters your different movies form everywhere. The genres include various options of genres in respect to independent movies, TV shows, and documentaries as well.

Although this website does not allow the free downloading, it actively deletes those who have any kind of copy right issues.

Popcorn Flix:

Popcorn Flix

Availability: USA

Interestingly, this website has a lot of free content which is original as well and public domain movies as well.

Where all sort categories are in which all sort of movies and TV shows are present, you will find a section where geographical documentaries are also included. This is for the USA only.



Availability: USA

It is a subscription type of website where you have to choose between the premium packages or just enjoy the normal one where you can subscribe and enjoy a limited collection of movies.

If you are interested in a vast array of movies, then you would have to subscribed with a fee for the year and enjoy an endless supply of movies. This is again for the USA viewers only.



Availability: USA

The kanopy is again for the USA only which allows you to enjoy free streaming while you can enjoy some classic and unique collection of movies of free access.

It offers so many different libraries where you can find many different movies. Likewise, each library has a different card and offers different genres. But unfortunately, this is again for the USA only. So VPN must be used to enjoy this website.



Availability: Everywhere

This website is just like YouTube. It has so much to offer to everyone and everywhere. With one of the simplest layouts which make your access to certain movies and entertainment free without any legal problem and TV shows as well.

Yahoo View:

Yahoo View

Availability: USA

Yahoo has been in the business of information and entertainment for ever. So, it is natural that they will produce one of the best movies streaming website which offer free movies which are in access to everyone but in this case, we are talking about the USA only.

It has a clean interface which allows the users to scroll through so many movies that you will feel literally lost.

IMDb Freedive:

IMDb Freedive

Availability: USA

The most impressive website regarding the information about the movies is IMDb, and it was about time that they offer something like this.

With hundreds and hundreds of movies in their access, they offer free movies to Fire TV which is, unfortunately, present only in the USA. It is even attached with Alexa, and you can send commands to Alexa, and it will play your movie.

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