WhatsApp’s Success Ratings Shoot Up Within The Short Span

WhatsApp’s Success Ratings

WhatsApp’s Success Ratings

WhatsApp, the most famous and instant messaging application for smartphones rules the market today. It has a huge user base and there are one billion active users in a day. Now, the Facebook-owned company shows its popularity and its power on the market. What is the reason for its popularity? Why do most people remember WhatsApp when they think of installing the Instant Messaging app on their smartphone?

The question is very relevant because, when you compare WhatsApp and other messaging applications like Viber, KIK, etc WhatsApp has many advanced features than others. As like other apps, WhatsApp also has its own downsides, but still, the app is the most popular instant messaging application for mobile. The analysis of WhatsApp is as follows.

WhatsApp as Pioneer:

When WhatsApp entered the market in 2009, it was the first application of its kind. Today, we can compare this messaging giant with many other applications. And WhatsApp has exciting features so, it sounds great in front of the other messaging applications. But, at that time when it was launched, there was no such comparison. Skype was in the market at that time, it was well-known for its voice and video calling, but Skype was available only for PC and WhatsApp was there only for messages. So at that time, people used Skype for free calling and WhatsApp for messaging. Young people are greatly involved in messaging than the calls.

Viber was introduced in 2011, and other apps available at that time were used for cutting the cost of the international calls. For making calls, people started using the VoIP messaging applications. At that WhatsApp had no VoIP feature; it was used only for messaging. At some point in time, WhatsApp came up with the new communication model. And with this approach, it became the leading communication channel.

WhatsApp replaces SMS:

The youngsters and those people in their 50s are very much interested in texting. When WhatsApp was introduced, people were complaining about the cost of SMS. SMS is limited, expensive and very limited. At that time, people were happy about WhatsApp and most of the people started using it. Users can send unlimited messages; they could send the messages without counting words, they have no limit for the multimedia content, and they have no restrictions on the number of contacts. Users can make use of all these services for free. And there is no restriction on any of its features.

Over the years, most of the people have stopped using SMS service and they have shifted to WhatsApp, the main reason is that WhatsApp not only provides the messaging feature, it also allows people to make use of the multimedia services. As WhatsApp entered the game, the cost of the SMS service was greatly reduced, so thanks goes to the creation like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp came for messaging:

When the app was first launched, it was not used for calling. The major purpose of the app is texting. So it was not the alternative for the popular apps like Skype, people used Skype for a different purpose and WhatsApp for different purpose, there was no interrelation between both the apps.

In its every update, WhatsApp introduced some new feature, so in that way, WhatsApp has added voice and video calling feature to its messaging application. When it introduced the video calling feature, it became the competitor for Skype, as it featured video calling too.

As days went by, the app has the collection of features that are largely welcomed by people of all age groups. This is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

Your Number Reflects You:

WhatsApp went one step ahead than Skype in the same direction. The app started to identify users on its network; it started to investigate the new model of identification, it started finding the way that is more accessible and easy. The app started to identify the people based on their phone numbers. To use WhatsApp all you need is your phone number, the app will not ask for a username also. The app offers you so many features, without requiring the basic information about the authors. If you have your friends and relatives phone numbers in our contact, it means that they are your WhatsApp contacts, if they are the users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, on the whole, made texting easier than Skype. The best thing in WhatsApp is that you are easily found. Anyone has your number, has you on their WhatsApp network. And the one thing to note on WhatsApp is that you can’t choose to be offline, once you are online, the app will reflect the same to your friends. And the users can’t hide in a fake identity. These points are the weakness for WhatsApp. But, on the whole, all its features have contributed to its popularity, including its weakness.

Getting Everyone on its Platform:

Soon after its launch, WhatsApp has managed to get all kinds of users on its platform, ranging from the iOS, Android, Windows Phones, to Nokia phones. And it has gathered almost all the people across the globe in the same place. Users could use WhatsApp in old phones too.

The Snowball Effect:

Within the short period of time, a huge number of people have joined WhatsApp. WhatsApp followed the policy of no advertisement. So all the users joined WhatsApp without any advertisement and till now the same policy is being followed.

And nearly, this is the case with almost all the VoIP apps, users can communicate freely with other people who are using the same service with free of cost. So, most of the people will prefer to use the app that has the huge user base, so that they will get more chances to communicate with the other people and they can have more people in their network.

New Features:

Almost all the WhatsApp users have started to use its new features, so they are not new anymore. And some of its features are already available in other apps. When WhatsApp was launched in 2009, all the features were new and they have attracted the new generation of people who were addicted to texting. Initially, all the features made people satisfied and happy. The group chat feature and the ability to share pictures and other multimedia messages had the greater fan base. Today, new features are contributing to the company’s growth and success.

The new status feature was the topic of communication among many, and it has created debates too. This feature has received the mixed reactions. Some people greatly like this feature and some are disappointed with it.

Due to this, the new status update of WhatsApp features both the text and multimedia status.

Free voice and video calling also received the great response when they were launched.

WhatsApp is completely mobile and portable, so the users can carry it in their pocket or bag. As per the customers’ request, the company has also developed WhatsApp for the desktop version too. And the great advantage is that WhatsApp can run on any platforms. Users can send and receive messages even in the slow internet connection also.

Till now, WhatsApp follows the policy of no Ads. Sometimes, too many ads will annoy the customers. The main reason for its popularity is no Ads policy.

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