Lyft App Helps The Drivers to Make $200 Million Through Tips

Lyft App Helps The Drivers

Lyft App Helps The Drivers

Lyft is a transportation service which has efficient and advanced specifications with it. It dominates the world by its performance and beating the originality of Uber. This transportation service is directly competing with other services and sidelines those. Lyft, transportation service is spread around the world and leads us to have a happy journey.

The ride-haling organizations have helped millions of drivers across the world to be able to earn a livelihood. At present, there is a huge hike in the economy and it has become really hard to survive without a job. A job has become a real necessity for us to be able to survive and help our family from the financial crisis as well. Lyft has helped the majority of the people in the United States to be able to find a job for them by driving for the company.

It is a fact that, this particular ride-hailing organization has been providing affordable rides to the people. The drivers have been able to earn good through Lyft; it is not only the money which they receive for the ride. Apart from that, the drivers have been able to earn tips from the riders as well. It is a good thing that the drivers were able to provide great rides to their riders.

Having a customer satisfied with the service does take a lot of effort and it is a commendable thing that the drivers have been successful in that particular aspect. The best thing here is that the drivers who were able to collect the extra money through tips are not done by cash. They have been paid extra as tips through the app itself and that is really an astounding fact.

Is there any restriction for the Uber Drivers to accept tips?

The US-based gigantic company Uber Technologies has been arguing with its staffs over the issue of tipping since the company’s outset. The Drivers exclaims that the tips play an important role in their lives and they have always been part of their business. The ride-hailing company Uber says that tipping is an artifact of the past and also it wants new innovations in order to droop away. After a great dilemma, in the year 2016, the company released a statement that the drivers take cash tips but the company still has not integrated tipping into the app.

For the past three years, nearly thirteen states have passed a set of rules and regulations restricting the cash payments in some methodology. The real fact is that none of the laws does mention any information about the tips. The followers of these rules have exclaimed that they are stimulated by the driver safety concerns. Each and every state has a different set of protocols which are totally different one, which aims at banning the appeal of payment and also the exchange of cash.

The ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft are not allowed to take any cash from their customers. But it is said to be that the organization’s responsibilities are unclear. But the gigantic company Uber does not instruct its drivers in any of the states to refuse tips as some of the governments require. The company exclaimed that it has constantly disputed against the state laws restricting the cash in hand because they impact tipping process.

The passengers don’t have any conditions to offer tips and the drivers are welcome to accept them is mainly the company’s policy. A decision had been made not to add the tipping function to the app on any cause. The fact known to everyone is that Uber is a hassle-free one. The second highest US based gigantic Company has already enabled a cashless ride through the in-app tipping function. Till present, most of the biggest states follow the ride-hailing rules.

The attorney journals in the US are usually considering the financial statements that mainly includes a ban on cash. The Uber’s critics in New York and Texas are growing day by day. The ride-hailing services have more or less similar rules over time, but yet Uber has made it clear that tipping is an exception.

Lyft, Uber and many other companies proclaim their app’s tipping options to the drivers as an extra benefit. On the other side of the flip, Uber has tried various possible ways to solve the issue. At the initial stage, it was said that the tips were included in the fare amount. Some of the Uber’s critics were against the state cash bans similar to that of Uber. Most of the drivers are requesting that the company should alter its app in order to allow tipping.

Instead of many issues went on for the tipping process, recently Uber has agreed to notify the passengers more clearly that the tips are not included in the fare amount and give approval for the tipping process. The drivers can ask for the cash tips by asking the passengers or also posting images in their respective vehicles. This new decision regarding tips will eventually increase the driver’s pay.

In its initial days, Uber tried to discourage the tipping process. The drivers complained that Uber was making a lower amount indirectly by the tips amount. Many of the process disputed against the company that they should not take any amount of the concerned fare that was classified as a tip eventually. Then the company changed the way it described the cost of the ride.

The company exclaimed that it has no plans to add any feature to tip through its app or to the lower cost of the fare amount. The traditional taxi systems and the Uber, Lyft offer more or less same service and in some exceptional cases, a single driver is working for multiple companies on the same day. The company has given a statement that the drivers will not be punished for getting tips and it let the drivers move out of the company when the average is too low.

Lyft Drivers have earned about two hundred million dollars in Tips:

In the year 2016, the drivers of Lyft have earned about hundred million dollars in tips through the ride-hailing app. It is said to be that the company has taken about nine months for the Lyft drivers to collect about hundred million dollars which are a perfect example of startup’s growth in 2016. The Lyft drivers have collected about two hundred million dollars in tips since the year 2012.

A recent report says that there were hundred million dollars in tips was earned in a short interval of time. According to the company’s statement, there were about three lakhs fifteen thousand drivers on the Lyft platform. Uber have not started this app’s tipping but on the other side of the flip Lyft has already started this feature in its app and lets the drivers earn more added with the payment.

At present, Lyft is already available in three hundred cities and also expanded its operations by fifty months in the past few months. The company has also decided to expand its business to hundred cities in the future. According to a survey, the report says that Lyft would be valued between six billion dollars and seven billion dollars.

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